Monday, December 17, 2012

Our trip to Utah July 2011

You don't appreciate how green it is until you don't have it anymore.

 In July we went home to Utah.   While we were there we saw both sides of the family.  It is so good to see family when you haven't seen them in such a long period of time!  One of the greatest blessings of living close to family is having your kids play with their cousins.  They missed their cousins like crazy!

Before we left we had to take a picture of Aspyn's stuffed animals that are on her bed because she was afraid that she would forget what they look like.  She was very sad when I told her that she couldn't take all of them because there wasn't enough room.

Our first stop was taking McKayla Biesinger to her grandpa's house, then we were off to drop off Sister King's bike to her parents house.  It works out nicely because her house is right around the corner from our house that we were renting out.

We stayed at my sister, Rachelle's house.

This is Sophy's sleeping position.

We had our birthday dinner celebration with my side of the family while we were there.  Pictures say a thousand words and I totally agree with that!

My siblings.  Head turn for my mom.  This is how she poses for pictures.

Tysh throwing Sophy up in the air.

Sophy's excited face!

Tacee playing with Lizzie and Aspyn

Megan, Daniel, and Robin

Ty playing with the ball

Eli would not smile or look at me to take his picture

Trent asking Eli to kiss him on his cheek

Sam, Izzie and Emma being silly

Tanen and Kylie

Rachelle helping Sophy hold Logan

Sophy hugging Ty
While we were home we wanted to go to the restaurant that we missed the most.  It was Leatherby's.  This place is fantastic and is always packed.  They give the BIGGEST portions of ice cream!  The best part of it is by far their hot fudge!!!

We went with Shanelle and Jeff

We happened to be there during the 24th of July.  We celebrate the day the Pioneers entered Utah. There were a lot of cool fireworks.  Aspyn and Sophy loved it!!!  Thanks Andrew and Rachelle.

Daddy loved getting into the action.  It involves fire.  What man wouldn't?

It was a great trip to visit my side of the family.  Next post is about the Buchanan family reunion!

Sister Missionaries and Mommy Pregnant

For those of you who live in Utah and don't know what it is like to have missionaries more involved with one ward, you see them a lot.  These were two of my favorite missionaries.

This picture is the last time we saw Sister York.  She got transferred so we got to have Sister King for at least one more transfer!

This is a picture of Sophy and Aspyn pretending they are pregnant like Mommy.  I was super sick so I had to explain to them why I was constantly throwing up and not very energetic.  I love that they play pregnant mommy.  So innocent and just plane cute!

Note this was the summer of 2011.  Yes I still am attempting to catch up.  Slowly but surely.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Caballero or Peacock Flower.

I have to be honest.  I did not know the name of this flower that we had in our backyard in El Paso.  Aaron loved it and had to take a picture of it.  So basically this post is for him.  I googled orange and yellow flower and found the name.  The Peacock Flower is beautiful and I hope you enjoy it.

Butterflies LOVE this flower and we do too!

We put a fence around to keep our dogs out from destroying it.

El Paso Fun

We found a place in El Paso that a member in a ward told us about so we went there.  I can't find the name now but we ate pizza and it was kind of like Chuck E Cheese.  The girls loved it and wouldn't get off of the carousel.  We rode a car ride and a motor cycle ride too.  We had a great time.

She is saying "Don't even think about taking me off of this horse ride".